Yamamoto 7″ Speed Senko


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Designed at the request from Yamamoto’s pro-staff, the Yamamoto 7” Speed Senko was developed to be the ultimate worm for cover water. Molded with the same legendary Senko body shape but with the addition of a large hook shaped tail, the Yamamoto 7” Speed Senko produces a heavy thumping action that feels like a Colorado blade spinnerbait coming through the water, which triggers aggressive strikes and makes it easy for bass to find in dirty water. Perfect for weighted or weightless Texas-rig, the Yamamoto 7” Speed Senko is made for swimming through shallow water grass, laydowns, brush piles, and any other cover that bass like to hide in and ambush prey. Available in a wide selection of Yamamoto’s most popular colors, the Yamamoto 7” Speed Senko is a must-have for covering water and finding groups of active fish.

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