Sunline Saltimate FC Tunageat Fluorocarbon Leader


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Featuring Sunline’s exclusive Plasma Rise technology, the Sunline Saltimate FC Tunageat Fluorocarbon Leader is treated with a special polymeric layer for an elastic rubberband-like texture that provides high knot strength by allowing for a tighter knot. Tested and proven to improve knot endurance with 30% higher breaking energy than conventional leader lines, the elastic coating delivers excellent shock absorption, abrasion resistance, and eliminates slippage with connection knots.

Enabling you to cast around reefs and edged structures with confidence, the special polymeric layer has a unique cushioning effect that prevents the line from breaking down even when rubbing against rough surfaces. Changing the concept of fluorocarbon to offer superior stretch for large offshore predators, the Sunline Saltimate FC Tunageat Fluorocarbon Leader is spooled without tension to maximize its stretchy qualities and allow the line to flow of the spool smoothly.

Line Diameter Inches Millimeters
25lb 0.017 0.435
30lb 0.018 0.470
35lb 0.020 0.520
40lb 0.022 0.570
50lb 0.024 0.620
60lb 0.027 0.700
70lb 0.029 0.740
80lb 0.030 0.780
90lb 0.033 0.840
100lb 0.036 0.910

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Line Test

25lb 54yd, 30lb 54yd, 35lb 54yd, 40lb 54yd, 50lb 54yd, 60lb 33yd, 70lb 33yd, 80lb 33yd, 90lb 33yd, 100lb 33yd


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