SPRO Squealer Buzzbait


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Target your lake’s biggest bass with boisterous surface commotion using the noisy SPRO Squealer Buzzbait. Anglers know some of the biggest and most exciting bites come with a topwater explosion, and the Squealer Buzzbait arms them with a powerful tool that beckons to bass below the surface and draws them up to the top of the water column. The Squealer is crowned with a premium dimpled blade that churns the top of the water and showers the area with reflected light, while simultaneously squeaking and squealing along making it impossible for any predator to ignore your lure.

Affixed onto the SPRO Squealer Buzzbait’s arm is an aggressively molded head with SPRO’s signature Mean Eye whose shape helps the bait get on plane while also adding some weight for increased castability. A premium skirt is positioned just behind the head and adds some bulk along with the secondary motion to your buzzing presentation. Armed with a powerfully stout hook and an exuberant twin tail trailer, the SPRO Squealer Buzzbait will draw heart-palpitating explosions from check-cashing fish.

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Black, Blue Gill, Chartreuse White, Pearl White, Shad


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