Rapala Countdown Elite


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Harnessing over 80 years of lure making craftsmanship into a premium balsa lure, the Rapala Countdown Elite is a refined version of the original Countdown that has been catching different species of fish for decades. Made from the highest quality balsa wood, the Rapala Countdown Elite features a lead-free tungsten polymer weighting system that increases casting distance and accuracy over the original Countdown. Internally, it also features a forged, flattened, one-piece through wire construction that improves durability and ensures you won’t lose the fish of a lifetime.

One of the most versatile lures an angler can have in their tackle box, the Rapala Countdown Elite produces and enticing flutter on the drop and can be easily counted down at one-foot/per second to the desired fishing depth. With a steady wind it will swim with a slow rolling action that entices strikes and it can also be twitched erratically to mimic a wounded baitfish. Armed with VMC Inline Hybrid 2X Treble Hooks and heavy duty split rings to ensure unmatched hook-up ratios, the Rapala Countdown Elite is available in premium high-definition colors that feature a metallic gilded face that brings the presentation to a whole new level.

Rapala Length Weight Depth
Countdown Elite 55 2-1/4″ 3/16oz 3-4ft
Countdown Elite 75 3″ 3/8oz 4ft

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Elite 55, Elite 75


Gilded Brown Trout, Gilded Clown, Gilded Firetiger, Gilded Iwana, Gilded Minnow, Gilded Rainbow Trout, Gilded Silver Shad, Gilded Wakasagi


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