Plano EDGE 3700 Hook Box


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Offering storage and protection for both loose and packaged hooks, the Plano EDGE 3700 Hook Box’s dual-level design makes it the ultimate choice for hyper-organized anglers. On its first layer, the Plano EDGE 3700 Hook Box features a soft, compound mat that firmly holds your hooks in place. On the other hand, the second layer consists of multiple, open compartments, which allow you to easily separate different packs of hooks based on classification like technique and size.

In addition to optimizing your organization, the Plano EDGE 3700 Hook Box keeps your hooks in prime condition thanks to Rustrictor rust-preventive technology. Not to mention, its Dri-Loc O-ring creates a watertight seal, while an internal WaterWick cartridge absorbs any trapped moisture. It also features a crystal-clear, polycarbonate lid and an oversized latch that allows for easy one-handed operation. Finished with Plano’s EZ label system for quick identification, the Plano EDGE 3700 Hook Box is truly the best in its class.

Dimensions: 9” x 14” x 2.6”


  • Soft compound mat for open loose hook storage
  • Open compartment for pack storage
  • Dri-Loc watertight O-ring seal
  • Oversized latch for easy one-handed operation
  • Rustrictor rust-preventative technology
  • WaterWick insert with reusable wicking packet
  • DuraView crystal-clear polycarbonate lid
  • EZ Label identification system


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