Norman Speed N Crankbait


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Joining Norman’s legendary line-up of crankbaits, the Norman Speed N Crankbait utilizes the proven Deep Little N body design but is engineered to target the 4-6 foot depth range. Deadly in cold water situations but highly effective at all times of the year, the Norman Speed N Crankbait produces a tight wobble with an aggressive pitch and roll, which creates an erratic hunting action that changes lanes like a high-end sports car. It is also made from butyrate and features an internal rattle to provide a dull thumping sound that is different than other plastic crankbaits on the market.

Ready to fish right out of the package, the Norman Speed N Crankbait comes with razor sharp treble hooks for a high hook up ratio and a protective gel coating that provides increased durability so you can catch more fish and keep your bait looking like new. Available in a wide selection of Norman’s custom colors, the Norman Speed N Crankbait will become a staple among crankbait enthusiasts all over the world.

Length Weight Depth
2.75″ 1/2oz 4-6ft


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Chart/Blue, Chili Bowl, Diamond Craw, Evoo, Ghost Pepper, Harvest Moon, Holy Shad, Lavender Shad, Olive/Blue, Tropical Shad


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