NetBait BaitFuel Paca Slim Craw


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Expanding the famed lineup of Paca soft baits with integrated scent technology, the Netbait BaitFuel Paca Slim Craw uses the Fast Active Scent Technology in BaitFuel to stimulate the predator instincts of bass and bring more bites to your line. Using a revolutionary manufacturing process to supercharge traditional soft plastics, BaitFuel enhances all the color patterns, shapes, and shimmer of your presentation with a powerful scent cloud that mimics the smell and taste of real prey.

Providing a slender and more active profile that is sure to be a major player for craw-hungry fish, the Netbait BaitFuel Paca Slim Craw features a solid ribbed body to increase water displacement and buoyant claws for a subtle floating action. Made using Netbait’s patented claw design, the Netbait BaitFuel Paca Slim Craw is an original swimming craw with claw arms that deliver helicopter-like action and maximum flaps per second.

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3.5″ 9
4″ 9

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3.5", 4"


Alabama Craw, Alabama Flare, Black Blue Flake, Black Shadow Flare, Black/Blue, Coosa Flare, Delta Flare, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Candy, Green Pumpkin Red, Junebug, Okeechobee Craw, Okeechobee Flare, Pearl, Summer Craw, Sun Gill, Sun Gill Flare, Sun Perch, Tilapia Magic, Watermelon Red


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