NetBait BaitFuel Dagger Creature Bait


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Developed in a lab and proven on the water, the Netbait BaitFuel Dagger Creature Bait is supercharged with BaitFuel’s Fish Active Scent Technology to provoke key predator aggression habits, entice more bites, and make the fish hold your bait longer. Scientifically engineered and proven to increase your catch rate, the revolutionary manufacturing process enhances your presentation with a water-based scent cloud that accurately mimics the smell and taste of real prey.

Perfect for punching through mats, stick-ups, and heavy cover, the Netbait BaitFuel Dagger Creature Bait features an innovative flex-wing design that compresses quickly to improve hook penetration and aid in its ability to slip in and out cover. Built with a compact body core that is still thick enough to accommodate a heavy gauge flippin’ hook, the Netbait BaitFuel Dagger Creature Bait also integrates angled ribbing to displace water and help promote a natural swimming action that fish simply can’t resist.

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4.5″ 8

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