Jackall Bling 55 Crankbaits


Length Weight Depth
2.2″ 5/16oz 4ft
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The Jackall Bling 55 is a small profile, flat-sided crankbait with intense action. Flat-sided crankbaits often get a bad rap for rolling in the air and limiting your casting distance, so Jackall crafted the Bling 55 to combat these common problems built into their design. Featuring an innovative weight transfer system, the Bling 55 has an internal ball bearing that shifts towards the tail section for longer more balanced casts. On the retrieve, a magnet in the center of the bait holds the bearing in place for an incredibly balanced retrieve. The bill is constructed from circuit board material for excellent deflections, and its broad flat sides create an intense flashing effect. Available in multiple color combinations, the Jackall Bling 55 was made using the latest technology in the fishing industry to provide you with the ultimate performance.

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Craw Fish, Dark Craw, Gold Gill, Molt Craw, SG Threadfin, SK Shad


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