Big Bite Baits Jerkbait 10pk



Built with a thick nose to prevent tearing and blowouts from numerous fish catches, the Big Bite Baits Jerkbait is a new minnow-shaped soft bait ideal for getting bites when the fish are keyed in on baitfish and other small forage. Featuring a lively fork-tail to provide excellent darting action on a Texas-rig or lightly weighted jig head, these soft jerkbaits are poured using an ultra-soft plastic to allow them to suspend and be twitched high in the water column when rigged weightless. Available in Big Bite’s best-selling and proven color patterns, the Big Bite Baits Jerkbait is a staple soft plastic shape that deserves a place in every angler’s arsenal.

Length Quantity
5″ 10

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Green Pumpkin, Pearl, Pearl Shiner, Tilapia Magic, Watermelon Red Flake


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