Berkley Powerbait PowerStinger Swimbaits


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Purpose-built for use with bladed jigs, the Berkley Power Stinger Swimbait introduces a new honeycomb molding technology that drives action through its tail by translating the movement of the vibrating jig throughout the entire trailer. Designed with a thick baitfish profile, the dense head of the Power Stinger provides easy rigging and prevents the trailer from tearing and slipping down the shank of the hook after numerous fish catches.

Infused with Berkley’s legendary Powerbait scent, the scientific formula emits a taste and smell that mimics real prey and makes fish bite and hold on 18x longer than traditional unscented plastics. Complete with back and belly slots to accommodate a variety of rigging styles, the Berkley Power Stinger Swimbait is available in a range of hatch-matching colors and convincingly life-like HD patterns to perfectly match the forage in your local waters.

Length Quantity
3.5″ 7
4″ 5

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3.5", 4.25"


Black Blue Fleck, Electric Shad, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Pearl, HD Bluegill, HD Gizzard Shad, HD Stealth Minnow, HD Yellow Perch, Okeechobee Craw, Pearl White, Sight Flash, Sun Gill, Tennessee Shad, Watermelon Copper/Orange w/Red


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