Berkley Fusion19 Hooks Weighted Swimbait


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Perfect for pairing with your favorite swimbait, the Berkley Fusion19 Hooks deliver a host of features that will help your swimbaits swim deeper and truer. Molded with a lead weight along the shank, the Berkley Fusion19 Hooks Weighted Swimbait allows your swimbait to get down in the water column and attack bass when they are closer to the bottom. Fitted with a screw-lock keeper, the Berkley Fusion19 Hooks Weighted Swimbait ensures that your soft plastics are rigged straight and secure.

Designed for everyone, from the novice to the professional angler, the Berkley Fusion19 Hooks have been designed to perform at all levels. Featured with a needle point SlickSet Coating for easier penetration, the Berkley Fusion19 Hooks provide sure hook sets over-and-over. Covered with a smoke satin finish, each Berkley Fusion Hook comes in an innovative resealable clam packaging that makes for easy management.

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