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The Tactical Elite Bass series of rods are our premier level fishing tools for tournament focused anglers. This series optimizes technique specific rod actions with performance maximizing componentry. When success equates to earning a paycheck, Tactical Elite Bass series rods do not compromise on any aspect of design, engineering, or manufacturing to guarantee anglers consistent performance and durability.

The foundation of the Tactical Elite Bass series are technique specific moderate and fast action blanks constructed with intermediate modulus carbon fiber material. The blanks are a gun metal grey finish with PacBay’s lightweight Titaium SV guides. The series includes 18 models: 13 casting in 6’10”–7’6” lengths in medium-light to magnum extra-heavy powers; and 5 spinning in 6’10”-7’3” lengths in medium-light to medium-heavy powers. Componentry includes down-locking graphite feel-through skeletal reel seats for maximum sensitivity with black anodized hoods. All rods include custom Winn® split grips.

Every Tactical Elite Bass series rod is designed and manufactured to deliver uncompromising performance and proven durability. And when combined with TFO’s no-fault lifetime warranty against defects, these rods are the perfect choice for anglers wanting to insure their fishing success and enjoyment. Fish the Original 


Model Length Power Action  Line Weight Lure Weight Rod Weight
TLE LW 610TW-1 6’10” Medium Moderate 8-14 3/16-1/2 oz 3.5 oz
TLE LW 70CB-1 7’0″ Medium Moderate 8-14 3/16-1/2 oz 3.9 oz
TLE LW 74CB-1 7’4″ Medium Heavy Moderate 8-20 1/4-3/4 oz 4.2 oz
TLE LW 710CB-1 7’10” Medium Heavy Moderate 8-20 1/4-3/4 oz 5 oz
TLE SB 705-1 7’0″ Medium Heavy Moderate 8-20 1/4-3/4 oz 4.4 oz
TLE SB 726-1 7’2″ Heavy Moderate 12-25 1/2-1 1/2 oz 4.9 oz
TLE SC 746-1 7’4″ Heavy Moderate 12-25 1/2-1 1/2 oz 4.7 oz
TLE FS 756-1 7’5″ Heavy Moderate 12-25 3/8-1 1/2 oz 5.4 oz
TLE FS 767-1 7’6″ Extra Heavy Moderate 14-30 1/2-2 oz 5.5 oz
TLE SC 747-1 7’4″ Extra Heavy Moderate 14-30 1/2-2 oz 4.8 oz
TLE MBR 734-1 7’3″ Medium Fast 8-14 3/16-1/2 oz 3.8 oz
TLE MBR 735-1 7’3″ Medium Heavy Fast 8-20 1/4-3/4 oz 3.9 oz
TLE MBR 736-1 7’3″ Heavy Fast 12-25 1/2-1 1/2 oz 4 oz


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TLE LW 610TW-1, TLE LW 70CB-1, TLE LW 74CB-1, TLE LW 710CB-1, TLE SB 705-1, TLE SB 726-1, TLE SC 746-1, TLE FS 756-1, TLE FS 767-1, TLE SC 747-1, TLE MBR 734-1, TLE MBR 735-1, TLE MBR 736-1


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