Picasso Bluff Diver Spinnerbaits


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Designed to reach fish that are located along deep-water ledges, creek channels, and other deep structure, the Picasso Bluff Diver Spinnerbait provides a hefty presentation that reaches big fish where they live. The tandem blade design allows the Picasso Bluff Diver Spinnerbait to drop quickly and stay down in the strike zone without any lift. Try the Picasso Bluff Diver Spinnerbait in place of deep diving crankbaits

Unlike crankbaits that begin to rise off of the bottom after only a few yards, the Picasso Bluff Diver Spinnerbait will cover more water because it remains in strike zone for almost the entire distance back to the boat. Also, the smaller blade design means you have the option to either burn it for that reaction bite or slow roll it to entice finicky fish to strike.

The Picasso Bluff Diver Spinnerbait is built around a strong .051 gauge wire frame that you can trust to land the big girls. Designed with a dual-barb bait keeper system to secure your soft plastic trailer, even on those long casts. Equipped with a premium Sampo ball-bearing swivel and super-sharp Mustad Ultra-Point hook for easy penetration in deep water.

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Bling Shad, Blue Glimmer, Chartreuse White, White Pearl


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