Picasso Aaron Martens Shock Blade Large Blades


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The popular Picasso Aaron Martens Shock Blade is now being offered in a 1.5oz and 2oz version with larger size blades that creates a wide wobble, hard thumping action making them ideal for summer patterns when the fish migrate to deeper depths of water such as off shore structure, deep water ledges and creek channels.The patented design keeps the lure down and in the strike zone longer without rising, which is a common complaint with other bladed jigs on the market and makes a great alternative to deep diving crankbaits where only have 1/3 of the casting distance is hitting the bottom. With the Aaron Martens Shock Blade nearly the entire casting distance is on the bottom and in the strike zone longer which means a greater potential for adding more fish to your live well. Comes equipped with a double bait keeper to secure your soft plastic and a 6/0 super sharp 3X Strong Mustad Ultra Point hook for good hook penetration that will not open on the set and can handle big fish. Made in the USA. Patented Design.

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Big Sexy, Black/Blue Shower, Bling Shad, Blue Glimmer Shad, Bluegill, Green Pumpkin Tiger


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