Nichols MD Xtreme Buzzbait


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Built for fishing where the big bass live, the Nichols MD Xtreme Buzzbait delivers an innovative design that is more versatile than any other buzzbait on the market. Perfect for heavy cover where traditional buzzbaits are insufficient, the Nichols MD Xtreme Buzzbait features a heavy-duty inline wire construction that is affixed to a Nichols swimjig, which allows it to come through cover just like a jig but create an enticing topwater disturbance that triggers big reaction strikes. The Nichols MD Xtreme Buzzbait is also equipped with two large counter-rotating blades that clack together and displace more water than a single bladed buzzbait to attract bigger fish from greater distances. Deadly when fished around cover but just as effective in open water, the Nichols MD Xtreme Buzzbait is an all-terrain buzzbait that will allow you to access areas you never thought possible with a buzzbait.

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Blue Shad, Bluegill, Bombshell Shad, White & Chartreuse


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