NetBait BaitFuel Mega Big Bopper Swimming Worm


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Featuring a long and slender worm profile with an oversized U-shaped tail, the Netbait BaitFuel Mega Big Bopper Swimming Worm delivers strong vibrations as it moves through the water to excel with Carolina-rigs, Texas-rigs, or weightless presentations. Fueling every bite with the next generation of bass fishing scent technology, each lure is injected with BaitFuel’s X55 Formula to enhance all the ‘go-to’ color patterns, shapes, and shimmering action anglers need to provoke a feeding response from predators.

Developed in a lab and proven on the water, BaitFuel soft plastics have been scientifically engineered and proven to increase your catch rate by dispersing an enticing scent cloud that accurately mimics the smell and taste of real prey. An excellent option for persuading lethargic summertime bass to bite, the NetBait BaitFuel Mega Big Bopper Swimming Worm is boosted with powerful scent attractants to give you an edge over the competition.

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7.75″ 8

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