Jackall iShad


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2.8″ 10
3.8″  8
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A longtime secret in Japan, the Jackall iShad is being re-introduced in the US domestic market due to its overwhelming effectiveness. A part of Jackall’s I-Motion initiative, the Jackall iShad is poured with a denser plastic along the belly and a stabilizing tail design that ensures the bait swims straight and true with any application.

Whether it is paired with a finesse jig or a dropshot, the Jackall iShad has been carefully designed to mimic the actions of an unthreatened baitfish, creating the illusion of an easy target. Offered in an array of finely curated colors, the Jackall iShad takes a unique approach to finesse attraction that will become a staple among light line enthusiasts.

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2.8", 3.8"


Blue Shad, Goby, Golden Shad, Green Pumpkin Pepper, Green Pumpkin Watermelon, Prism Shad, Sexy Albino, SS SHAD


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