Jackall Chan Wake Wakebaits


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5.1″ 7/8oz
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Redefining what’s possible with topwater lures, the Jackall Chan Wake delivers a wild rolling action at virtually any retrieve speed. Featuring a large tail prop, the Jackall Chan Wake sprays water and produces an enticing bubble trail that mimics a fleeing baitfish in distress. Also built with an innovative circuit board lip that enhances the bait’s side-to-side rolling action, it also gives anglers the ability to retrieve the bait at high speeds.

The Jackall Chan Wake’s advanced magnetic weight transfer system also provides increased casting distance, while keeping the weight in place during the retrieve for maximum stability. Equipped with two different rattles as well, one glass ball and one steel ball, this produces altered frequencies and vibrations to trigger more strikes. Also fitted with three sticky sharp Japanese treble hooks that help increase the hook up ratio from short striking fish, the Jackall Chan Wake is available in a range of highly realistic colors and provides anglers with the unique qualities necessary to tempt trophy-sized bass.

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Bone White, Ghost Minnow, HL Hasu, Holo Silver, Matte Jungle Black, Sprinkle Shad


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