Berkley Gulp Alive Crabby


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2″ pint


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Absolutely deadly anywhere that gamefish are feeding on small crustaceans, the Berkley Gulp Alive Crabby 2” Pint offers the best alternative to live bait ever produced. Featuring high-action legs and claws that produce an enticing flutter, the Berkley Gulp Alive Crabby 2” Pint is molded with a keeled belly that helps keep it tracking straight during the retrieve and maintain a horizontal posture while free-falling to create a more natural presentation.

The Gulp Alive Crabby also comes in a pint jar and soaked in a powerful attractant that delivers maximum scent dispersion to expand your strike zone. When your done using a bait you can put it back in the jar to re-charge its effectiveness as well. Rig it on your favorite jig head or a Carolina rig, the Berkley Gulp Alive Crabby 2” Pint is available in a selection of realistic colors that will put your livewell system to the ultimate test.

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Breen, Camo, Watermelon Pearl


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